No, you do not need to sign long-term lease. Customers can load their goods into the container on the same day you sign the lease. Our lease can be as short as 1 month, with 7 days notice to terminate the lease. You can pay the rent in cash, or cheque. You will receive 10% discount if you prepay the rent for 1 year.

No, customers are not required to make an appointment to access the container. However, for security reasons, customers are required to register with our security guards when entering or leaving the warehouse. Our warehouse can be accessed during opening hours (8 am to 11 pm).

We do not provide moving services to help customers load and unload goods to the container. Customers are needed to handle this themselves.

Our containers all meet with international standards. Even though there are thunderstorms or typhoons, water will not be leaked into our containers.

Yes, customers are required to pay 2 months deposit.

Customers need to buy their own insurance if they think it is necessary.

Except 40 feet container (lifte needs HKD$150 crane charge per store/take. Other containers in Whitehead and Tsing Yi are all located on the ground, this saves our customers from crane fees.

We provide forklifting service at our Tsing Yi warehouse (help customers to forklift their goods from one container to another container). Forklifting charge for a 20 feet container is HK$700 and HK$1000 for a 40 feet container.